• Are you in pain?
  • Do you have a serious diagnosis?
  • Are you aging too quickly and not feeling quite how you used to?
  • Do you lack energy?
  • Do you guess at what supplements to take?
  • Are you well, and want to stay that way, even though you are getting older?
  • Are you ready to take control and improve your health and wellbeing?
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ADVANCE WARNING only book a call with me if you are truly serious and prepared to commit time and effort to improving your health and wellbeing situation.

Whilst I am an award winner – Best Health and Wellbing Mentor 2022 -UK, Europe and Globally, I can’t do everything for you.

YOU must put in the work. Please take note. If you choose not to change your lifestyle and nutrition, then you won’t recover. It’s as simple as that.

I only support a few selected clients every month as I am mindful to keep my own wellbeing tip top and enjoy a great life balance.

Even though you may be feeling OK ish, your body will be struggling with underlying health challenges which haven’t yet bubbled to the surface.

We are living within an environment across the world which is like a toxic soup. The stress and toxicity load on your body reduce your immune system on a daily basis and so as fast as you think you are healing, you are never actually making progress.

Let’s break the cycle

Changing long-term habits can take a while and most people need help and guidance because they become overwhelmed.

That’s where my coaching and mentoring programme will support you.

You choose. …are you ready?

Hire me as your Health and Wellbeing Mentor and I guarantee you will be feeling better in no time at all.

I don’t do any guessing or trial and error experimenting. We get to the root cause of your challenges very quickly via four key areas that we test.

When you can physically see what’s going on in your body through the laboratory tests, you are more likely to take action. We then co- create a bespoke recovery plan for you and my coaching and mentoring keep you on track.

Break the Cycle
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DISCPlus Mentoring Programme

I teach individuals at home and specifically business leaders how to create optimum health. My work is about proactively boosting the immune system to prevent or reverse serious illness and disease.

The global medical model is in crisis and so it’s more important than ever to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

I offer a unique fusion of behavioural psychology, nutrition, blood and hair analysis which collectively provides an in-depth assessment of your body’s current state so that a specific recovery plan can be developed.

Here is a summary of the four key pillars and how my mentoring programme works: -

DISC Behaviour Profile

An online questionnaire provides an in depth look at how behaviour is affecting your health and wellbeing. Currently comprising a 22 page report, 1 2 1 x 60 minute zoom call with me to put into context for your life, with guidance on any recommendations to help you become more in alignment/deal with behaviour self-sabotage blocks.

Metabolic Analysis

An online questionnaire providing an in-depth review of your personal habits to assess the metabolic patterning. Medical history, bodily functions, food and some measurements such as pH and blood pressure, breath rate and more are reviewed. Includes a report with recommendations and a 60 minute 1 2 1 consultation to discuss any changes required that will gradually be incorporated into your daily life and become your new normal.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

You take and post a small hair sample which is analysed by the laboratory to assess mineral imbalances and heavy metal toxicity. Many illnesses and conditions are caused through imbalances which are reversible in time. The in-depth lab report offers a series of graphs and narrative to illustrate where the ratios are out of balance, with detailed guidance on what food choices are good and what to avoid during the next 3 months.

Included in the report are recommendations for supplements to get your body back in balance. I review this information in conjunction with the findings from the blood analysis and suggest the most cost-effective solutions so that you don’t end up rattling with lots of supplements and additional expense.

Dry Blood Analysis (DBA)

Through microscopic analysis of a home-based finger prick blood test, we receive an incredible view on what’s happening within your body. The systems of the body are inspected including gut health, adrenals, lymphatic system, organs, cardiovascular systems, if parasites are present, or liver flukes, mineral imbalances and much more – depends on what your body wants to tell us. A .pdf report shows the pictures as seen through the microscope and we go through the information during a 60-minute 1 2 1 video consultation, during which I make recommendations and take into consideration the findings from the HTMA and Metabolic reports.

Break the Cycle

In terms of timing, this is how the flow works:-

DISC and Metabolic analyses – as soon as you complete the questionnaires, I review the information and you arrange a follow up call with me.

DBA – 1 week from the lab receiving your sample.

HTMA – approximately 3 weeks from the lab receiving the sample

My overall aim is to guide you to independently and proactively look after yourself, your family, and colleagues. For this reason, I offer a weekly group check in after the original feedback consultations via a membership programme. Click here to join.

Let’s talk. Book an exploratory call with Elaine


My unique Perfect 10 VIP Health Mentoring programme blends my business experiences and my health journey and training. Knowing how to look after health, especially if you are in business, is key to managing balance in your life.

  • Without balance you will become ill – guaranteed!
  • When you are ill, you can’t function fully
  • When you can’t function in your role, you will lose your job or even your business