When it comes to health and business, I've just about seen it all!

In Business

My journey as an entrepreneur and business woman started in the late 1970s.

After 7 years running our successful kitchen business, I spent 12 years within corporate employment in the City of London, starting as an administrator for consultancy firm within an accountancy practice, then progressing through several roles and firms to become CEO of a law firm and COO of a business consultancy with over 220 members, as well as running many projects as an interim to empower teams to achieve higher results.

In 1997 I graduated with an MBA in Legal Practice from Nottingham Law School. I've since become a multiple #1 best-selling author.

I host my own podcast and have mentored hundreds of individuals and businesses to become more effective, productive, efficient and healthier.

Elaine Godley
Elaine Godley

In Health

I have often been referred to as a high achiever and I definitely blurred the lines between work and a balanced life in the past. In 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and again in 2011.

In 2015 I was given one year to live with stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and I've since dealt with skin cancer on my face. I was also born with a rare kidney disease that I reversed when I was around 44 years old.

Over the years I've studied and put many health strategies in place for myself, alongside running various enterprises and raising a family.

I've never been ill as such - merely inconvenienced. I am blessed with a positive outlook and an extremely resilient personality. Taking responsibility for our own health and well being is very important to me to explain and demonstrate to others.

I made a solemn promise to my late Mother that I would share my knowledge, training and experience to teach others how to live a balanced life, reverse serious health and be proactive to avoid a nasty diagnosis.

The Perfect Health HUB was launched in April 5th 2022, exactly 46 years after my father’s untimely death from cancer, aged 46 years old.
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My guidance will enrich your life and improve your wellbeing both at work and in your personal life.

In Life

When I am asked about my life, it´s very difficult to know where to start because I´ve had so many interesting experiences across many adventures. I left school barely 16 years old and worked in various offices until I started my first business aged around 22.I am now in my mid 60s, very happy and a picture of health.

Some of my ups and downs include :-
  • Becoming a specialist in DISC behaviour profiling
  • Dealing with 4 different types of cancer
  • Curing myself of a rare kidney disease naturally
  • Losing my father at a young age
  • Being a single mother (twice)
  • 3 times married
  • Moving home nearly 30 times
  • Being homeless
  • Enjoying success in corporate life
  • Leading a team of over 200 staff as COO of an IT cyber consultancy
  • Being CEO of a legal firm
  • Head of department roles within accountancy practices and legal firms
  • Volunteer granting wishes for terminally ill children and their families
  • Started up and managed a general charity to help those less fortunate
  • Manned a cancer help line for those newly diagnosed or needing guidance
  • Hosted a weekly 2-hour health radio show with live studio guests
  • Broke many rules in business and life yet thrived and been copied
  • Represented my county at national level in swimming
  • Stand-in scorer at cricket
  • Copy editor and writer for a colour magazine
  • Health mentor
  • Made redundant
  • Relationship counsellor
  • Podcast host
  • Twice divorced
  • Bankrupt
  • Police officer
  • Managed a music band including European tours
  • Experienced domestic abuse
  • Raped
  • Strangled and left for dead
  • Mentored hundreds of business managers and teams
  • Created and developed several business membership networks
  • Ran a successful entrepreneurial ladies business club
  • Lots more but those are the experiences that come to mind. As you can see I get bored and need constant challenge. I suspect that if I was assessed today I
    may be given a label of some kind – ADHD or similar Suffice to say that whatever happens to me, I am resilient and have huge bouncebackability
    did I just make up that word?
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    My unique Perfect 10 VIP Health Mentoring programme blends my business experiences and my health journey and training. Knowing how to look after health, especially if you are in business, is key to managing balance in your life.

    • Without balance you will become ill – guaranteed!
    • When you are ill, you can’t function fully
    • When you can’t function in your role, you will lose your job or even your business