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What is DISC?

DISC is the most widely used behavioural profiling tool in the world.It's origins date back to Hippocrates in around 400 BC. Hippocrates was a doctor who noticed specific behaviour patterns within his patients which he called the four ‘humours’.

When we understand our own behaviour, and how we differ from other types of behaviour patterns, we instantly gain more confidence. My clients have been amazed at how their MINDSET changes overnight when they learn how to use their behavioural strengths effectively every day.

Whilst there are four key types of behaviour as identified by Hippocrates, there are many, many blends. We all have a unique behaviour blend that makes us special.

DISC Profiling
The important factor is to understand your own pattern so that you can maximise your success in life as early as possible.

For over 20 years, I have supported those in education to identify where their career path or entrepreneurial flair could potentially lead them. Latterly I have extended my expertise into the world of health through my personal experience and success in mentoring others towards improved wellbeing. How we behave affects every part of our life including the personal relationships within our family and friends, our working career or business activities and most certainly our health. DISC profiling is helpful for individuals wherever you find yourself in life.

Here are some examples of memes we’ve used in our social media posts to provide examples of different areas where DISC profiling can help individuals and organisations.

There are many ways in which a DISC profile can support you, your family and your organisation to improve overall wellbeing, sense of achievement and success. DISC profiling is available as a stand alone service to organisations or as part of the Perfect 10 Wellness Check for individuals.

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My unique Perfect 10 VIP Health Mentoring programme blends my business experiences and my health journey and training. Knowing how to look after health, especially if you are in business, is key to managing balance in your life.

  • Without balance you will become ill – guaranteed!
  • When you are ill, you can’t function fully
  • When you can’t function in your role, you will lose your job or even your business