Whether you are experiencing a current health crisis or want to avoid poor health, then you are in the right place. I can help you.

CURRENT HEALTH CRISIS: Using a unique combination of laboratory tests (your blood and hair analysis undertaken by you at home), online assessments, and personal VIP mentoring with me, we find the root cause of your difficulty and develop your personalised recovery plan.

PRO-ACTIVE POSITIVE HEALTH: Poor health can take years for symptoms to appear. A simple set of tests will show what potential underlying challenges you have bubbling under the surface so that you can minimise your risk of developing serious illness or disease by taking remedial action to boost your immune system.

In April 2022 The Perfect Health HUB was launched. The HUB is a repository where hundreds of videos, documents, downloads, podcast interviews and other health educational resources are available 24/7 as self-help tools for anyone interested in improving their overall health and wellbeing position.


“Every time I recruit someone, I turn to Elaine to help with both the job profile and the candidate profile to help bring some science to our recruitment - 14 years later Elaine is still my go to person for profiling. I've also introduced Elaine to several of my clients (all accountancy firms) to help them with profiling their leadership teams and help them recruit better. The feedback is always top draw. As you can tell I never hesitate to recommend Elaine”.


During my 40+ years in business, I’ve noticed how our behaviour affects our health which can have a detrimental effect on individual, team, and organisational success.

Experiencing burnout which led to stage IV cancer, put everything into perspective for me. I further trained in advanced nutrition and bio-hacking to add to my psychology and business credentials. In 2021 I developed a unique health mentoring programme which incorporates DISC.

The P10 VIP Health Mentoring Programme is now available to executive management teams and individuals to improve health and wellbeing within organisations.

“Elaine is a powerful force and an innovative and creative lady. She ploughs forth where others fear to tread and has an amazing sense of humour and unquenchable ambition. She is brilliant”.

To schedule a free call to explore how DISCPLUS may help you, your team and your family please schedule a free discovery call or message me via the contact page.


Using DISC, I help organisations to co-create: -

  • Cohesive happy teams
  • Happier teams host healthy team members
  • Healthy team members take less absence leave
  • Less absence leave means higher productivity
  • Higher productivity means increased profits
  • When teams work effectively together less management time is needed

“I enlisted Elaine's expertise when I needed an explanation for our HOD team for their DISC results and Elaine also did a more extensive DISC report on me which was really insightful, interesting and Elaine is very knowledgeable on the subject. I would highly recommend Elaine if you were looking to look at your team and see how they tick!”

“Elaine was engaged as a consultant to provide a thorough review of Legal Services performance, structure and management. Elaine played a major role in vastly improving the service, which has now also entered for The Lawyer Public Sector Team of the Year. Elaine also undertook the roles of Interim Office Managing Partner and Legal Practice Manager”.

About DISC and Elaine Godley


My unique Perfect 10 VIP Health Mentoring programme blends my business experiences and my health journey and training. Knowing how to look after health, especially if you are in business, is key to managing balance in your life.

  • Without balance you will become ill – guaranteed!
  • When you are ill, you can’t function fully
  • When you can’t function in your role, you will lose your job or even your business